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Guest Chef Alessandro Tormolino

On Thursday 16th of January 2020, La Liste Yung Award winning Chef Alessandro Tormolino from the Sensi restaurant in the Amalfi Coast is coming to Rosanna's Berkhamsted .

"Cooking evolves from our memories,

our love and passion for tradition but also a search for innovation”.

Alessandro Tormolino

Alessandro Tormolino has trained in some of the most prestigeous restaurants, working side by side with reputable chefs such as: Gianfranco Vissani, Alfonso Iaccarino, Antonio Mellino, Giuseppe Aversa, Mauro Colagreco, Giorgio Locatelli and Maria Salcuni.

His dishes enhance the senses and allow you to enjoy a unique ever evolving experience, a journey through the flavours of tradition and the pleasure of innovation.

Alessandro is the co owner and executive chef at Sensi Restaurant, one of Amalfi's top restaurants. The restaurant is situated inside the Hotel Residence, a splendid noble building from the XVIII century, with wonderful views of the Amalfi Coast seen from the terrace.

We are honoured to be welcoming Alessandro to Rosanna's in Berkhamsted on Thursday 16th January 2020 for you to sample his amazing food with a five course tasting menu, accompanied by a selection of wines.